April 23, 2012

It's been a long time....

So I started a new job in February. Since then my free time has been less than plentiful! However, this new job has been amazing for my love of baking. I've actually turned it into a small "business." I use that term very, very loosely. Below are some of the cakes, cupcakes and miscelleaneous treats I've made in the last 2 months.

Dallas Mavs cake for a co-worker's son's birthday

Cupcakes with gum paste buttercups for Nina's birthday.

Death by chocolate cake

My friend Jessica and I made this one together.
We were experimenting with new food coloring combos
and the result ended up looking like it belonged in a Dr. Seuss book!

Chocolate ruffled cake

Vanilla/chocolate layers
Italian cream cake

Caramel Twix popcorn

Mini Cadbury egg cookies

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